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Eyeglass Universe

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Project Detail

It's not every day that we are asked to make a site with so much scripting and coding. While www.eyeglassuniverse.com may look like just another ecommerce site on the surface, beneath that veneer lies a collection of powerful custom scripts that are designed to parse prescription data in real time to compute lens material and feature options for shoppers. It is one of our hardest tasks yet, but also one that we are most proud of.

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Design Notes

The Eyeglass Universe project gave me a chance to really stretch out my skills by developing a custom system for parsing prescription data and delivering different types of lens materials based upon the prescription data.

Eric Brockway
Eric Brockway
Web Developer

Editing the product images for the Eyeglass Universe project presented several interesting issues. Working with thousands of images and altering the dimensions for consistency encouraged me to write action scripts using Adobe Photoshop.

Mitch Moore
Mitch Moore
Graphic Designer